Layer upon layer; to dig in the depth that arises. To see what is has to say. The communication does not come from me — I search for it intensively; search for a work that asks to be made — search for a knowledge formed by the hands; that comes into being by their help. A knowledge that appears in the making, that is detected by the visual aesthetic ability — as something that was always there. As a means to discover oneself, discover pockets in the mind, take in the knowledge, conquer it; conquer oneself with it. Expand, sharpen ones sensibility. The painter Agnes Martin pursued perfection: We respond to the work with what we already carry within us: “Beauty is known forever in the mind.” We encounter something we already know in a work of art. We encounter ourselves. The author Clarice Lispector expressed it like this: “Even in the weakest ones, existed the shadow of the knowledge that you cannot attain by the intelligence. The intelligence of the blind things.” Layer upon layer to remove what is in the way of the intelligence.


Opening on Saturday, January 30, at 12-16. The exhibition will run until 21/1. Open Fri 13-17 and Sat – Sun 12-16.

Walking the dogs

On Saturday, November 28th, it’s time for this years last vernissage when we open the exhibition ”Walking the dogs” by the local artist Erik Grönlund from Falsterbo. The exhibition consists of mixed media works that are based on his photographs, and will last until Sunday 20 December.

Erik Grönlund is not looking to document and shoot the orderly beautiful, but is more interested in capturing details and making small observations of the unspoiled nature in it’s own pace and convey a sense of his own perspective.

Erik Grönlund, born in 1957 in Stockholm, previously worked as an art director and photographer. Erik retrained himself to photography in the early nineties when he worked with several global advertising campaigns in Manhattan, New York. Today, Erik is a renowned photographer and visual artist with several well-known clients, and successful exhibitions around the world to his credit.

Exhibition opens on Saturday, November 28, at 12-16 pm Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, in Skanörs Hantverksby, Falsterbovägen 32. The exhibition will run until 20 of December. Open Friday 13-17 pm and Saturday & Sunday 12-16 pm.

To what became – New exhibition by Celie Eklund

On Saturday, 31 of October opens a new exhibition with the Malmö-educated artist Celie Eklund, who now operates from Stockholm. The exhibition ”To what became” goes on until Sunday 22 of November.

In Celie Eklund’s new exhibition ”To what became”, we meet symbolically charged paintings where there is both fragility and strength. Stockholm suburb, the grove of trees and the beach are in Eklund’s paintings the scene of universal questions about the vulnerability, protection and defense, togetherness and belonging. It is a narrative work in which Eklund has a dialogue with what has been, what is and what should be taught.

Celie Eklund was born in 1982 and lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm, and has a master’s degree in fine arts from the Art Academy in Malmö from 2011. Celie has also had time for one year at The International Academy of Art Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank of Palestine. Celie Eklund is also current working as curator and artist with an exhibition at Arbetets Museum in Norrköping this autumn.

Opening on Saturday, October 31, at 12-16. The exhibition will run until 22 of November. Open Friday 13-17 and Saturday – Sunday 12-16.

Anders Kappel – Surveillance (new diptychs)

Anders Kappels new exhibition is about the construction and demolition. Construction and deconstruction. Control and crash. To reevaluate and rebuild. Overview and detail study. The paintings are done on acrylic glass and consist of diptychs (depicting drones), who provides an account of the events. On a split second when the drone crashes and hits the ground, camera eye goes out and the information is lost. The opening is on Saturday, October 3, at 12:00 to 16:00.

Anders Kappel is educated at the Art Academy in Stockholm between 1982-87 and then had a studio grant at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin 1988-89. He lives and works in Simrishamn, Skåne. He has worked on diptychs since his debut at Galleri Gunnar Olsson in Stockholm in 1986 and sees his artistic work as an ongoing process since 1983. Anders is also at the moment producing public works for and to the new City Line at Odenplan, Stockholm.


Vernissage on Saturday, October 3, at 12-16 Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, at Skanörs Hantverksby, Falsterbovägen 32. The exhibition will run until 25/10. Open Fri 13-17 and Sat – Sun 12-16.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Gallery Sten Eriksson, Stockholm

Künstlerhaus Bethany, Berlin

Galerie Hartwich, Rügen

Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm

Galleri Andersson / Sandström, Umeå

APA Gallery, Stockholm

Galerie Leger, Malmö


Selected Group Exhibitions:

Ostrale 13, Dresden

Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Malmö Art Museum

Fukui, Iwaki, Gunma, Kumamoto, Tokushima and Kamakura Museum, Japan

Rooseum (Edstranska grant 1999)

Royal College of Art, London

Kampnagel Fabrik, Hamburg

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Johan Röing – The Escape – Opening 5th of September

Johan Röing – The Escape

The sculptures are cut in the wood with coarse hands, chainsaws and angle grinders. With consistent finesse, they find a synthesis between apparently irreconcilable opposites such as figure and abstraction, heaviness and lightness, humor and darkness. With a steady physicality as a base prompted the viewer to take a position.

The paintings, always oil on canvas, shows the other possibilities and directions of his art work. Frequent use cloths covered with layer upon layer until the final image emerges. It becomes a game with distance and depth of field, perhaps on the basis of a picture memory. Photographic color filters are used, linseed oil dries slowly and underlines the paintings presence.

Johan Röing has been active as an artist for thirty years and received his artistic training at the Staatliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, 1979-1986, and by his professor and mentor Anthony Cragg. Johan has made several celebration exhibitions in both public environments and Art Galleries (Malmö Konsthall, Trelleborgs Museum, Kulturhuset in Stockholm and others) as in galleries such as Magnus Åklundh and Ping Pong in Malmö and also in Germany where Johan lived and worked for several years.

When: Opening on Saturday 5th of September at. 12:00 to 16:00.

Where: Hantverksbyn, Falsterbovägen 32 in Skanör.

How: The exhibition ”The Escape” (sculptures and paintings) will run until Sunday 27th of September.

Opening hours Friday 13-17 and Sat – Sun 12-16, or by appointment.

For further information please contact gallery owner Mattias Tönnheim at +46 (0) 704-41 19:14 alt. mattias@wadstromtonnheim.se

(Photo by Truls Melin)