Layer upon layer; to dig in the depth that arises. To see what is has to say. The communication does not come from me — I search for it intensively; search for a work that asks to be made — search for a knowledge formed by the hands; that comes into being by their help. A knowledge that appears in the making, that is detected by the visual aesthetic ability — as something that was always there. As a means to discover oneself, discover pockets in the mind, take in the knowledge, conquer it; conquer oneself with it. Expand, sharpen ones sensibility. The painter Agnes Martin pursued perfection: We respond to the work with what we already carry within us: “Beauty is known forever in the mind.” We encounter something we already know in a work of art. We encounter ourselves. The author Clarice Lispector expressed it like this: “Even in the weakest ones, existed the shadow of the knowledge that you cannot attain by the intelligence. The intelligence of the blind things.” Layer upon layer to remove what is in the way of the intelligence.


Opening on Saturday, January 30, at 12-16. The exhibition will run until 21/1. Open Fri 13-17 and Sat – Sun 12-16.

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