WTG shows new works by Matias Di Carlo and Martin Ålund at Estampa art fair

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery participates at Estampa art fair in Madrid, which is open from Thursday the 8th until Sunday the 11th of April.

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery exhibits new works by the artists Matias Di Carlo (from Argentina and based in Spain) and Martin Ålund (from Sweden and based in Stockholm), both whom are also represented by the gallery, at Estampa art fair in Madrid.


– Our second participation at the established contemporary art fair Estampa is going to be a joyful and interesting experience. We and the rest of the art community have longed for this art fair considering the demanding and different times we have experienced during the last 14 months, says Mattias Tönnheim, owner and director for Wadström Tönnheim Gallery.


About the sculptures by Matias Di Carlo from his new Symmetry Ploy series:

In the path inverse to the alchemical ideal; transform gold into lead in search of the median. Fragmented to comprehend. Symmetry turned into jumble, still seeking refuge and alignment. The act of melting structures conceived to be perpetual, to free themselves, to incarnate again… Rebirth. The first cry of forces shaping themselves. Dynamic present. The magic in randomness. Insurrection of the established forms. Emerging of the new, still to be named.


About the paintings by Martin Ålund from the Bipolar Suite series:

Martins new paintings can be seen as a connection with and reminisce to Alice in Wonderland, shamanism, alchemy, Orpheus and Eurydice as well as romantic myths of the artist as magician, madman and messenger. He also often think of how the magic and the irrational can both be a means to escape, and a way to grasp the unfathomable.


For information about the fair: https://www.ifema.es/en/estampa



Born 1978. From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Ronda, Spain.




Born 1967. From Skellefteå, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.



For more information and press photos contact:

Mattias Tönnheim on +46(0)704-41 19 14 alt. mattias@wadstromtonnheim.se


About Wadström Tönnheim Gallery

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery’s mission is to examine the idea of the painterly, be it also through related media such as photography, sculpture, installations, video and drawing, in order to understand and to promote the direction of painting and its relevance to contemporary visual culture. www.wadstromtonnheim.se

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