An exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art and sale of works will take place from July 8 to 10 at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Marbella, Spain. The exhibition aims to support Ukrainian artists during the war, present contemporary Ukrainian culture abroad and to make cultural and professional connections between Spanish collectors and contemporary Ukrainian art. The project will present 26 works by 15 Ukrainian artists. We invite you to join us on the 9th of July 18.30-21.30 for mingle and tapas in order to raise money for the victims of the war. Please see more information on our Instagram @wadstromtonnheimgallery.

The most prominent Ukrainian artists and sculptors will take part in the exhibitions: Daria Alyoshkina, Nazar Bilyk, Artem Volokitin, Petro Gronsky, Vasiliy Grublyak, Oleksii Zolotariov, Daryna Mykytyuk, Nina Murashkina, Yuriy Koval, Tetyana Malynovska, Vitaliy Kravets, Liliya Studnytska, Valeria Troubina, Ivan Tsyupka, INS (Eugene Gladenko). The exhibition includes painting, graphic, photography and sculpture.

Curator Svitlana Starostenko talks about the importance of the exhibition.

”There are many talented artists in Ukraine – promising and already well-known. In recent years many galleries have opened in our country, it’s been large exhibition projects, and new patrons of modern art have appeared on the art market. But due to the war, the possibility of developing this area was postponed indefinitely. Now it is important to look for new ways and opportunities so that the artists can continue to work.

It is quite natural that today’s works of our authors are a reflection of horrible, tragic events that should not have happened in the civilized world. But during the presentation of our art abroad, entering a new professional territory, it’s important for us first of all to show the usual artistic practice in which Ukrainian artists work. Then, the impression of the art of our country will be objective.

Our cooperation with the Spanish Swedish gallery  – Wadström Tönnheim Gallery – is based on the support and promotion of Ukrainian art in Europe. We have the opportunity to find a new audience. Such an opportunity would be considered valuable in the past, pre-war times, but today it is a real necessity. We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with Spain, the homeland of incredible artists. ”

Today, the artists participating in the exhibition are scattered all over Ukraine and the world:  Valeria Troubina, although living in the United States, is now in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk, where she arrived last year due to personal circumstances; Lviv artist Daria Alyoshkina is temporarily in Krakow, and artist Lilia Studnytska is in her native Lviv. But wherever Ukrainian artists are, none of them stop creating. The Art for Freedom exhibition will present recent works by artists over the past few years, some of which – such as Vitaliy Kravets’ graphic series made over the past three months – will be shown to the public for the first time.

The funds raised will go to the authors of the exhibited works and Future for Ukraine international charitable foundation.

One of the missions of our project is charity. The war has forced millions of Ukrainians to suffer. Many Ukrainian people – among them civilians and children – are wounded en masse. They have suffered from artillery shelling, or were trapped under the rubble of shelled buildings and need the help. Such patients are admitted to hospitals with multiple bone fractures and require immediate surgery.

An effective treatment method for them is metal osteosynthesis — the connection of bone fragments with titanium plates. Here are a lot of Ukrainians who need osteofixation systems. Each victim has its own unique story and its own struggle for life. That is why the part of funds raised will go on osteofixation systems for victims with bone fractures. We cannot heal broken destinies. But we can help doctors who save people every day and give them a chance to live to the fullest.


The exhibition and sale will take place from 8 to 10 July at the Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Marbella, Spain

The initiator of the project is Oleksandra Markova, a philanthropist and collector.

Exhibition curator – Svetlana Starostenko, independent curator, art dealer, art critic.

The project is supported by Mattias Tönnheim – founder and director of Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, located in Marbella (Spain) and Malmo (Sweden)


About Future for Ukraine

Future for Ukraine is an international charitable foundation created by ten Ukrainian women from various professional fields who cannot stand aside from the war in Ukraine. The foundation brings together volunteers, NGOs and businesses worldwide to support war victims. FFU provides humanitarian aid and medical care to those who need it most — children, medical institutions and Ukrainians in need of treatment in Ukraine and abroad.



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