Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Marbella

9th of September –  30th of October, 2022


Wadström Tönnheim Gallery kicks of the autumn program with a most fascinating and joyful exhibition by the young emerging artist Fausto Amundarain. This is the artist first exhibition in Marbella and with the gallery. Fausto Amundarain is from Venezuela but based in Madrid since 2019 and represented by the Caracas and Madrid located gallery Cerquone. Vernissage is open for all and everyone on Friday the 9th of September between 19.00-21.30h.


“I use segments of comics and caricatures (among other stuff) as a visual language, elements that are already nostalgic by nature and present in the collective memory, almost rethinking their past and the moment in which these images were developed. The work becomes the passage from one point to another, the study and conversion of the original image into another. Dissecting the basic composition, adding and removing elements, re-developing the lines that make up its totality and taking it to a scale where the original meaning changes completely, taking it out of context and turning it into something seemingly unattainable”.                                                                                                                                                                                                Fausto Amundarain


Born in July, Fausto Amundarain (Caracas, 1992) knows that every experience lived in person involves marking territory at a hectic pace that requires depth and needs pauses. In that sense, creative processes lead to places that, in some way, one has foreseen. Round trip paths in which you have to be attentive and know how to accompany each other so that many of the things that one is aligned. Build scenarios for things to happen, strengthening the language itself and without stopping exploring the possibilities that the tools themselves allow.

Undoubtedly, Roaring Days comes at an ideal time for all of this. Days in which Fausto Amundarain allows himself to put together a concise and resounding exhibition of what he has been accumulating in recent years in cities like Caracas, Madrid, Palma and Miami. It is no longer just a work that expands and flirts with other mediums, but devices that are likely to generate conflicts wherever they are located, housing personal experiences and referential information that is more refined than ever. Why do we take the conquered common territory for granted? These and other issues run parallel to a necessary conciliation of the artist with himself regarding certain internal and external demands. Cuts and scrapes. Living processes that are translated behind windows in which miniatures that pointed out ways have grown and liberated, co-starring in the space alongside newly discovered backgrounds. Fragments that are emancipated, redrawing themselves under other aspects. Silhouettes and spots that play to be recognized. Vectoral organization.

All this from these four walls. Then there is the floor, that other place on which an uncertain and mobile wooden structure rests, and where other remnants are rearranged around it. An artefact designed and built by the artist himself in which container and content interpellate harmoniously. A device to discover other ways of exhibiting and approaching. A surface that entails a double movement: its own when touched and/or pushed, and that of the spectator when moving around it. And that double action turns Wadström Tönnheim’s space into a surrounding setting and into a space that also deserves to be imagined from above. A lively and disconcerting exhibitor that wants to be activated. Probably, the territory that most represents Fausto Amundarain.

So, the lion keeps on roaring tonight (Wimoweh)!

Jordi Pallarès (Curator) 2022

For more information contact: Mattias Tönnheim +46 704-411914 or mattias@wadstromtonnheim.se


Address and opening hours: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella). The exhibition opens Friday the 9h of September between 19.00-21.30h and goes on until the 30 of October 2022. The gallery is open Monday – Friday at 14.00-18.00 pm. And we are open any day by appointment.


Fausto Amundarain, born in Caracas/Venezuela 1992. Lives and works in Madrid/Spain.

www.faustoamundarain.com www.instagram.com/faustoeas

Fausto Amundarain (Caracas, 1992) artist whose research is based on different references. Initially an identity reflected in children’s icons, such as comics, press photographs and other images of the collective imagination and its use of interpretation as a kind of reflective process where an obsession is noticed that translates into the meticulous care of each record, image, item or finding. His artistic production has focused on generating strong performance stimuli with high technical elaboration, giving great importance to the meticulous construction of his projects. He studied Art and Design in the city of Caracas in 2010 and later studied screen printing, drawing
and painting in the city of New York in 2014. Among his most recent projects are a solo exhibition at the Cerquone gallery in Madrid in 2020 and later an installation project at TACA in Palma de Mallorca in Oct 2021.
Roaring days, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Marbella, September 2022
Morfología de una narración. TACA, Palma de Mallorca, October 2021
Algo nuevo, algo prestado y algo azul. Cerquone Projects, Madrid, February 2020
Sistemas, IDBS Art Gallery, Washington DC, May 2018
Dibujo Libre, Cerquone Projects, Madrid, February 2018
Desgaste Sobreestimulado, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia, Maracaibo, July 2017
Fragmento Masivo, Cerquone Projects, Caracas, November 2016
Anonymity, Sala MACZUL/Kristoff, Maracaibo, July 2015
(upcoming) untitled group show, Galerie Heike Strelow, November 2022
Ne Parliamo, La Bibi Gallery, June, 2022
Walk the line, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt, December 2021
Hi, How Are You? Cerquone Gallery, Madrid, November 2021
Fresco 2, Cerquone Gallery, Caracas, February 2021
Pretenso, Cerquone Projects, Madrid, November 2019
Chapa y pintura, Cerquone Projects, Madrid, February 2019
Omisión Ligera, Cerquone Projects, Madrid, September 2018
4 Cuartos, Cerquone Projects, Caracas, September 2018
Urbes, CAI Sala William Werner, Caracas, 2017
Fresco, Cerquone Projects, Caracas, 2017
Caos Sustentable, Galería de arte de la UCV, Caracas, 2016


(upcoming) LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK, Luxembourg, 2022
UVNT, Madrid 2022
Volta, Basel 2021
Estampa, Madrid, 2021
Urvanity, Madrid, 2020
Pinta, Miami, 2019
Volta, Basel, 2019
Urvanity, Madrid, 2019
Pinta, Miami, 2018
Hybrid, Madrid, 2018
La bibi recidency, May 2022
Selección Salon de jóvenes con FIA 2020
Museo de arte contemporáneo del Zulia MACZU

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