Grand opening at new location with the artist Mads Juel

We conquered the forests, hallelujah

-and there’s no place left to hide

What lies in between you and the photograph is time already past 

– your distance from history. A photograph can be viewed as materiality secured, 

secured right there in the ruin. Like earth sitting still.

I appropriate landscape and allow it to toss itself in, taking on a new meaning. It stands forth as a primeval landscape, where the moment has already eroded.

What places itself in between you and this ruin is an emblematic fragment, which stands forth as transcendent, sealed-up meaning and lies in between meaning and physique: the subjective interpretation. Or as the myth as a state. 


Artist: Mads Juel

Opening date: Saturday 27th of January at 12 – 16 pm (exhibition ends at the 18th of Mars)

Address: Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö


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