“Hugging the void” & “Solid Ground”

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery are happy to announce two amazing solo exhibitions. The exhibition “Hugging the void” by the Spanish-German artist Alexa Grande based in Sevilla and “Solid Ground” by the Swedish artist Stefan Otto that is based in Stockholm. The opening is on Friday the 12 of November at 19.00-22.00 pm.


Alexa Grande – Hugging the void 

Hugging the void is not a leap of faith into the void but a reconciliation with it, with nothingness. It is an impossible game. It is like facing the unknown, passing through the ruins of what was once safe and solid. The paintings contain open spaces, full of gaseous atmosphere, smoke or fog. A glance makes its way, in these pictures, through the remains of structures that are already obsolete, after having surpassed the limit of their resistance. These are structures that easily embrace and let themselves be hung in the air.

In architecture, color is used to represent the strength of structures. Light in its entire spectrum, appears as a chromatic map. These paintings appropriate the architectural language, to make a speculative reading of the possible pressures suffered by these structures, where red would be the area of greatest and violet the one with least suffering, trying to create stories of the collapse. The sky as a symbol of constant change, due to the movement of air, light and colors, reminds us of the ancestral sensation of being at the mercy of climate changes, feeling helpless, defenseless, without a protective structure. A period of restlessness and change in which the voids overlap.


– We are really pleased with our two new solo exhibitions. Hugging the void exhibition is a new collaboration with the Spanish artist Alexa Grande, that used to live in Germany and also has a German citizenship. She works both with paintings and sculptures. Stefan Otto on the other hand is doing his third solo show for the gallery, plus has done several group exhibitions and fairs together with the gallery. Stefan is an absolute fantastic and innovative artist and he has become a close friend over the years and I am looking forward to develop a fruitful relationship with the very promising Alexa Grande too, says Mattias Tönnheim, Director for Wadström Tönnheim Gallery.


Stefan Otto – Solid Ground

Stefan Ottos work is recognized by an approach of investigative uncertainties. Whether it be through cleverly manipulated videos or when he’s trying to dissect the male ego or as in his new body of work dealing with the most classical of all motives: the landscape. Nothing is ever unambiguos or assertive. Otto twists and turns reality and lets the work-process stand as a metaphor for the various layers that make up the human experience.

Otto works in a variety of media – painting, photography, video, installations sculpture and text. Often combining them all into a larger narrative. This time his work focuses on the environment, or rather human interference reflected back as nature. Toxic colors, waste and the future as a fleeting sensation.


For more information contact: Mattias Tönnheim, +46704-411914 or mattias@wadstromtonnheim.se


Address and opening hours: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella). The exhibitions opens Friday the 12 of November at 19.00-22.00 pm and goes on until the 9 of January 2022. And we are open any day by appointment.

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