Luca Zarattini “There is music and music” 211119 – 100120

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery and international art curator Irina Machneva Mota present, for the first time in Spain, the latest series of works from the emerging Italian artist Luca Zarattini (b. 1984, Ferrara). The project “There is music and music” is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of the second half of the 20th century – Luciano Berio, and has taken a name of his famous TV program “C’è musica e musica”.

Fifteen paintings is a graceful result of a complex research on a subtle relationship between painting and music by the artist to discover a new way of looking at still-life through merging musical and pictorial compositions into the space of the canvas. Through the attempts of capturing essence of the music in a painting he creates a bridge between these two arts, showing how they enliven each other in astounding ways when they are combined.

     Inspired by musical compositions like John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, Miles Davis’ In a Silent Way, Luciano Berio’s Stanze, Luca Zarattini acts as a conductor of images, thereby letting the music of colors, lines, drawings of human and animal figures, plants and vases sound in his large format paintings. He reveals the reality of an art work by dividing the music piece into elements of his associations that must be reunited in harmony on his canvas in a tangible form, each on its time and place.

     The work process itself is extremely important for the artist, involving a meditative focus on the canvas while listening to the works of great musicians, masters of improvisation and experimentation. He seeks to express his mystical experience. “What truly interests me is the journey. For this reason, I feel close to the jazz musician during a night jam session, when one listens to another” – says Luca.

     The artist’s picturesque language – lively, vibrating like a sound – makes the viewer feel the rhythm of the music, the movement of his hand, the musicality in all the fragments, lines, elements, and most importantly, the enjoyment of the sensual enigma of creating through the dialog with the great musicians, while becoming a music himself. 

     At the opening night, the artist accompanied by the jazz musician Gianluca Fortini will present an improvisational music performance.

Irina Machneva Mota


Luca Zarattini (b. 1984, Ferrara/Codigoro). He currently lives and works between Ferrara and Rome. He graduated on July of 2009 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

Address and opening hours: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella). Open Monday to Friday 15.00-19.00 or any day and time by appointment. The exhibition will go on until the 10 of January 2020.

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