Maps of Tension

“Maps of Tension” by Matias Di Carlo (ARG) & Konstantino Dregos (GR)

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella).

18 of June – 5 of September, 2021


Wadström Tönnheim Gallery are very happy to present a duo exhibition by Matias Di Carlo and Konstantino Dregos, both represented by the gallery. Under the title “Maps of Tension” these two prominent artists display a selection of pieces from their most recent, and individual, productions. The exhibition opens up at 19.00 pm on Friday the 18 of June and goes on until the 5 of September.


About the paintings by Konstantino Dregos – Capto Vacui (grabbing into the empty)
Dregos work shows the unending adventures of the idea from the moment its procreation into the state of its implementation and fate on its way to the human perception. This path might be filled with contradictions, logical gaps, errors, reversals, abolitions and simultaneously the blank carrier of the aimed metamorphosis, but never the less offers a resilient insight on the human condition.
The platonic glance on the world and the vibrating space between Science and Myth constitutes the theoretical and practical framework of this epic attempt.


– For me as a gallerist it’s a pure joy and an adventure to see these amazing artists, that I introduced to each other a couple of years ago, collaborate and develop this intriguing visual language. The fact that they also have become close friends during this time is a true bonus and a sign of their transcendent connection, says Mattias Tönnheim director of Wadström Tönnheim Gallery.


About the works by Matias Di Carlo from the Folds Series and Symmetry Ploy series..

Through his artwork Di Carlo experiments the fold as the strength that shapes matter to infinity. Experiencing metamorphosis through the fold that uses energy pulses as the cause itself. The dynamics within, to change the nature of matter. Matter evolved into contention of the void.

In the Symmetry Ploy series the artist fragments to comprehend, turning symmetry into jumble, still seeking refuge and alignment. Melting structures conceived to be perpetual, to free themselves…
Insurrection of established forms. Emerging of what’s still to be named.


Konstantino Dregos, born 1977 Athens/Greece, lives and works in Berlin/Germany. More info at:

Matias Di Carlo, born 1978 in Buenos Aires/Argentina, lives and works in Ronda/Spain. More info at:


Address and opening hours: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella). The exhibition opens at Saturday the 18 of June at 19.00-21.30 pm, and we are open any day by appointment. Because of the Covid19 situation and the surrounding circumstances and restrictions there can be a change in opening hours or visiting capacity due to new regulations. And of course we follow all the necessary restrictions and regulations that are surrounding this pandemic shit show.


Wadström Tönnheim Gallery’s mission is to examine the idea of the painterly, be it also through related media such as photography, sculpture, installations, video and drawing, in order to understand and to promote the direction of painting and its relevance to contemporary visual culture. WTG is owned and operated by Mattias Tönnheim & Andreas Åkesson.

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