The Danish artist duo MENG / HALD processes language and text, and have a starting point in an experience of writing that not only perceived intellectually, but instead go through the body in a physical reading. On Saturday 4th of June is the opening of their exhibition entitled ”Griddy Grit” at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Skanör.

Meng / Hald regards language as something which weaves itself through the reader in the reading; not as something to be understood only intellectually but rather through the body. The work is often shown as installations and always with a piece of writing, which is made for each new show.

The artist duo Meng / Hald consist of Cecilie Meng and Karin Hald. Meng is educated from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Hald is educated from Malmö Art Academy, both in 2015.

The duo founded Forlaget Gestus in 2015, which has received funding from the The Danish Art Council. Forlaget Gestus present artists who juxtapose writing with art, and Meng / Hald functions as both curators and editors within this setting.

Opening on Saturday, June 4th, at 12-16 pm Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Falsterbovägen 32 Skanör. The exhibition runs until 3/7. Opening hours Fri 13-17 and Sat-Sun at 12-16 .

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