Daniel Fleur – 8,192 Different Levels of Pressure Sensivity

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery

181020 – 181110

Lines move through Daniel Fleur’s paintings as short melodies, striving to reveal what they began to describe the contours of. Color backlit by the canvas becomes the keynote which the melodies allows to play along with. Time and place appear, as well as parts of something recognizable. The formation of these moments could be temporary, but not their presence. Lines and color behave as when one tries to remember a dream just after waking, in a position between prominence and disappearance.

In the exhibition 8,192 Different Levels of Pressure Sensivity, Daniel Fleur presents new oil paintings. They has its starting point in the meeting between a material painting and an immaterial digital painting. Fleur’s artistry is based on an interest in painting both as a method and theme. In his work, he allows both his own usage of digital images and the society way of communicate to be transformed into an input where the substance of the digital image and its relation to painting are examined. There is a confrontation or a meeting between coded and programmed information and the haptic qualities of painting, which in turn affect the image. For the artist, it is about how translation of information and compression creates deviations. The goal seems first and foremost to surprise himself rather than to confirm a certain painting tradition.

Daniel Fleur (born 1992) lives and works in Malmö. He took his master’s degree at Malmö Academy of Art in 2018. Daniel has already had several aknowledged exhibitions, for example at Thomas Wallner in Simrishamn, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Skanör, and at the Malmö Art Museum, as well as an upcoming solo exhibition at Galleri Kant in Copenhagen, which opens on October 27th. This is Daniel’s second solo exhibition at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Sweden, and Daniel will also be participating in a larger group show with Swedish artists who will open at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Spain later in October.

The opening is on Saturday the 20th of October between 12-16 pm. The exhibition ”8,192 Different Levels of Pressure Sensivity” will go on until the 10th of November at Båstadsgatan 4 in Malmö.







En grupputställning bestående av åtta samtida konstnärer sparkar igång höstsäsongen hos Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, och de tolkar alla med varsitt verk det klassiska konceptet stilleben i olika material, teknik och format.

Medverkande konstnärer är:

Sofie Arwidson von Röök (SE)

Lisa D Manner (SE)

Lotta Döbling (SE)

Julie Falk (DK)

Anna Nordquist Andersson (SE)

Stina Stigell (SE)

Sofia von Schwerin (SE)

Charlotte Walentin (SE)

– Att måla stilleben har varit ett koncept som primärt manliga konstnärer ägnat sig åt under konsthistoriens gång och just därför så valde vi att bjuda in åtta kvinnliga konstnärer som med respektive uttrycksform har tolkat begreppet stilleben ur sitt perspektiv. Och det har blivit en fascinerande och eklektisk samling av åtta unika verk som alla fångat temat på ett utomordentligt sätt. Det säger Mattias Tönnheim, gallerist Wadström Tönnheim Gallery.

Vernissage är lördag 1 september kl. 12–16. Utställningen ”Stilleben” pågår t o m den 6 oktober på Båstadsgatan 4 i Malmö.

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Mattias Tönnheim 0704-41 19 14 alt.

CONTEMPORARY ANDALUSIA 2018-07-18 – 2018-09-22

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery proudly presents “Contemporary Andalusia”, a group exhibition with emerging and established artists with a strong connection to Andalusia. Welcome to the opening on Wednesday 18th of July at 18.00-21.00 pm. The exhibition will go on until 22th of September.




Wadström Tönnheim Gallery’s mission is to examine the idea of the painterly, be it also through related media such as photography, sculpture, performance, video and drawing, in order to understand and to promote the direction of painting and its relevance to contemporary visual culture. Address: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella)

Niklas Asker ”Simulacrum” 2018.05.26 – 2018.07.01

Niklas Asker – Simulacrum

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery

2018.05.26 – 2018.07.01


I utställningen Simulacrum visar Niklas Asker nya målningar i olja på duk och pannå.

Titeln ”Simulacrum” kan översättas till avbild, imitation eller bedrägeri. Det figurativa måleriets möjligheter och begränsningar har varit utgångspunkten för arbetet med utställningen. Bland verken finns tydligt föreställande bilder blandat med mer abstrakta målningar där Niklas antingen genom att fokusera på en liten detalj av ett objekt eller genom manipulation av en fotografisk förlaga drivit bilden åt ett mer suggestivt håll.

Niklas betraktar den traditionella, tidskrävande måleriska tekniken han använder som en form av ritual. Det är en konversation med konsthistorien men också ett försiktigt utforskande av det undermedvetna. Måleri som en typ av utgrävning. Det resulterar i en slags flödande tematik där identitet och människans relation till kroppen är återkommande ämnen.

Niklas Asker har studerat måleri på Örebro Konstskola och serieskapande på Serieskolan i Malmö. Niklas har de senaste åren ställt ut i bland annat Stockholm, Sundsvall, Paris och New York. Detta är hans första soloutställning på Wadström Tönnheim Gallery. Niklas Asker är född i Nordingrå 1979. I dag bor och verkar han i Malmö.

Vernissage är lördag 26 maj kl. 12–16. Utställningen ” Simulacrum” pågår t o m den 1 juli på Båstadsgatan 4 i Malmö.


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Mattias Tönnheim 0704-41 19 14 alt. eller:


Matias Di Carlo // Dynamics of the Void // 14.04.18 – 02.06.18

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery opens up their first gallery space outside Sweden in Marbella. The acclaimed Swedish gallery will start of their ambitious program with the emerging Argentinian artist Matias Di Carlo, and exhibit his powerful sculptures with the title “Dynamics of the Void”. The grand opening of the gallery and Matias Di Carlos exhibition will be on the 14th of April.

– For me and my wife Lisa, who also is my gallery partner, this is a dream come true considering the promising conditions with our new grand space here in Poligono Nueva Campana. Which in my opinion is the ultimate location for our gallery in Marbella. We also strongly believe that there is a newborn interest for contemporary art of quality in the region, says Mattias Tönnheim owner and director for Wadström Tönnheim Gallery. He continues:

– And it is with great joy and honor we present our new collaboration and the fantastic exhibition “Dynamics of the Void” by the emerging Argentinian artist Matias di Carlo, that has produced several formidable pieces for our premiere opening.

Matias Di Carlo felt very early on in his life a close connection to nature and its elements, something which became very evident especially during his trips to the mountains in the Patagonian Andes. Back at home in Buenos Aires, he was taught to master fire and an array of metals, and very soon he transformed this knowledge into a sculptural language of his own. Matias’ new exhibition invites us to feel and experience the sounds released by the interaction of the density of matter and void space – the tension created between them reveals a virtuous vibration. The effect of light and shadow irradiates poetry. As though a magnet, his rotund pieces attract the spectator to dive into them to discover the underlying layers and dimensions which surface one after another.

Matias Augusto Di Carlo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978. His Italian roots are imprinted with a long history in artistic ironsmithing. Very soon Matias becomes the fourth generation to continue creating with metal and fire, taking it to the level of a sculptural language of his own.

Opening on the 14th of April and the exhibition will go on until the 2th of June.

Address: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella/Spain)

For more information and press photos contact:

Mattias Tönnheim on 0046 704-41 19 14 alt. or visit: