Rubén Rodrigo & Ana Velez // Contrasts & Connections

Rubén Rodrigo & Ana Velez

Contrasts & Connections

190919 – 151119


Wadström Tönnheim Gallery opens up the season with a duo exhibition including works by Rubén Rodrigo from Madrid and Ana Velez from Lisbon. Vernissage is Thursday the 19 of September at 19.00 to 21.30 and the exhibition Contrasts & Connections will go on until the 15 of November.


– I mostly work with the mediums of drawing and painting, addressing themes that go around the concept of identity, based on three concepts: place, memory and body, highlighting place as the container of memory and identity. Initially the work that I develop is about observation; considering that the creative process is closely linked to the visual process, the ability to see and the ability to make judgments about things. I adopted drawing because of its ability to represent primary and elementary characteristics. It has a mythical status associated with being the first and most immediate way to create images, the intimacy, informality, immediacy, subjectivity, memory and narrative. I believe that to draw and paint forms part of our relationship with our physical environment, engraving in it the presence of the human. Is the means by which we are able to understand and create, and to relate to what surrounds us by leaving marks that testimony our passage. We literally draw in the material world. Marc Augé’s investigation about places and non-places is central to my work. As is Maurice Halbwachs studies on memory and collective memory, and research by Francesco Careri about walking as a means of intervention and perception of the urban space. The object of my study is located in the city. The city, whilst being an architectural element, is also understood as an instrument of memory, entering directly into the definition of collective memory according to Halbwachs, as one that relies on images of places, architectural spaces of the city and the architectural landscape. The study of the city is developed by using the body and the movement of my steps as a tool of thinking and knowledge, as I venture through streets, canals, trails and hidden spaces, seeking to read the past and convert it into a contemporary interpretation. My artworks are presented through a single view of what every human can absorb when «existing», which, «is present» in a place with History and, simultaneously, the future. The construction of an individual’s identity is supported by the reality that one conceives when merging with the environment within which they are surrounded, and is therefore the formulation of memories from places we have (re)visited giving true access to the “I” of each of us, that is, from what we once were, states Ana Velez.


– In my work there has always been a tendency to improvisation and search for the sublime through processes in which some chance intervenes checked. This chance, the mystery and a certain tactile quality, always related to lightness, they have been present in my work from the beginning. I am currently exploring the formal possibilities of color in fields practically monochromatic I want to reach maximum purity through a single stain process (Sumi-e *) leaving the paint, in a very state liquid, dripping spreading across the surface of the canvas, generating a vibration that changes according to the brightness of the background or its color interaction. I am interested in the pulse, tension, spirituality and vitality of the pictorial space. I try to deepen the matter and energy in color, and the dichotomy that exists between their physicality and the relationships established in us to through culture and art history, in a constant dialogue with light and architectural space, giving importance to the environment, the cultivation of ellipsis, pauses, containment, the effect of time and shadow, states Rubén Rodrigo.

* Sumi-e is the Japanese word that designates ”ink” (sumi) and ”paint” (e) and refers to a technique monochromatic ancestral eminently naturalistic character, which pursues the synthesis of the prescribed forms of nature, through a single stroke of the brush.


Rubén Rodrigo was born 1980 in Salamanca, Spain. Ruben has a degree in BA Fine Arts from Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. He lives and works in Madrid since 2004.

Ana Velez was born 1982 in Lisbon, Portugal. Ana has a degree in M.A. Painting from Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. She lives and work in Lisbon.


Address and opening hours: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia (Marbella). Open Monday to Friday 15.00-19.00 or any day and time by appointment. The exhibition will go on until the 15 of November.

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