Wadström Tönnheim Gallery exhibits at Drawing Room art fair in Madrid

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, based in Marbella Spain, participates at Drawing Room art fair in Madrid, which is open from Wednesday the 26th of February until Sunday the 1 of March. Wadström Tönnheim Gallery exhibits the following artists Maria José Gallardo (from Spain, based in Sevilla), Ana Velez (from Portugal, based in Lisbon and Madrid) and Daniel Fleur (from Sweden, based in Malmö), whom also is represented by the gallery.

– It is a new take for us participating at this small emerging, but yet promising and influential, contemporary art fair. Considering Drawing Room is a niched art fair specialized in works on paper and drawings, says Mattias Tönnheim director for Wadström Tönnheim Gallery and continues:

– We are bringing works in different sizes and price ranges for all type of collectors and clients. MariaJosé Gallardo detail oriented and figurative works together with Ana Velez exploratory and abstract but yet sensitive paper ink transfers presented together with Daniel Fleurs elaborating drawings that examines the substance of the digital image and its relation to painting creates a dynamic visual context.


DANIEL FLEUR, (born 1992). Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Daniel has a Masters of Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy. What is painting in a world saturated with digital images that constantly surround us? Color and light turn into images. What is the substance of the digital image and what is its relation to painting? A specific light, a few seconds shutter speed, has been frozen and digitized. The photograph of the painting has then served as the starting point for a new painting. Translation of information and compression creates deviations.  A small change in color temperature can cause major changes. But also, the impact of technology on the alteration of a picture. The images oscillate between dematerialization and materialization. There is a confrontation or a meeting between coded information and the haptic qualities of painting that in itself influences the image. The paintings carry their past in their present state. But the paintings are never static. It’s not simply about a then and a now, it’s also about a future, in which the image continues to undergo changes. Daniel has already been exhibited at numerous established galleries and art fairs around Europe.


MARIAJOSÉ GALLARDO, (born 1978). Lives and work in Sevilla Spain. MariaJosé has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with the specialty of Design and Engraving from Sta. Isabel de Hungría in Sevilla. She is represented at several prestigious collections and has been exhibited in several museums/institutions and galleries in Spain and south America. MariaJosé Gallardo has always found stimuli in emblems and the narrowing baroque shutter, the ornamental, the psychoanalysis of the torture – when a sycophant has been placed in manifest abstracted from other analytical context-, the ridicule of imagery, the frivolous popular culture and holistic, broth unknown everyday qualities, to some extent, of perversion. Placing around the board game a madman’s family circle, can be descriptive, narrative and dismal. To make a collection of the extract so that the wicked may have another condition, can also be wrapped in certain provocation.


ANA VELEZ, (born 1982). Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Ana has a Masters in Fine Arts from Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. Her work has been marked by solo and group exhibitions at the institutional level, but also by collective projects of urban art. She is co-founder and active member of Vazarte, a multidisciplinary collective dedicated to create reflective art projects, art spaces and urban art creations. In her work she has established drawing as a directional tool, inquiring about its multiple material possibilities, which led her to develop her work also in the public space. There she made a series of pictorial interventions on damaged or already disappeared buildings. She addresses themes that go around the concept of identity, based on three ideas: place, memory and body, highlighting place as the container of memory and identity. Her work is part of several institutional and private collections, both national and international.


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